One of the most prolific rumors that I've heard in my long history here in Monmouth County refuses to die, and I'm panicking!

A rumor has surfaced in my area of eastern Monmouth County that one of our favorite stores is closing, and I'm one of those people who will be extremely bummed if it's true.

The store in question is the Target in Ocean on Route 66. No one has confirmed or denied this rumor, but the day that store opened in Seaview Square shopping center (the old Seaview Square Mall), I was celebrating. "Tar-jay" has always been one of my favorite stores and before mine opened I would have to schlep all the way to Middletown, a good half hour away from me!

When I first heard rumblings about this just before Christmas, I was like "no way is this true." But now, I'm not so sure!

We shopped there on Christmas Eve and it was pretty busy as it was the only game in town. So it stood to reason that the shelves looked very, very wiped out. I had never seen Target shelves look like that. But it WAS Christmas Eve, so I thought nothing of it, but now, hmmm..

Then, the huge bullseye that lords over the Neptune/Wall stretch of Route 18 was gone. Or was it just unlit? No one could tell. Another piece of evidence that fueled the rumor.

Once Sears and Macy's decided to shutter a bunch of stores, people the squawk of horrified gossipers had decided: TARGET IS CLOSING OMG WHAT NOW?!

Relax. It's still just a rumor, and we'll know the truth soon enough. This post may even finally expose the truth. Then again, it may also fuel more false rumors.

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