Real housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga revealed on the Wendy Williams show that she’s freezing her eggs. I’m not sure why this is big news, and talk-show announcement-worthy, but I have a suspicion that the decision is a great way to create content for the real housewives franchise. Since it’s inception, interesting topics on real Housewives of NJ have been ever-dwindling.

Gorga has shared her issues with infertility and also her indecision about having a 4th child. But she’s 40 now and she’s still not even sure. An article on said about Melissa, “One of Gorga’s hesitations about becoming a mother again is the fact that she’s entered a point in her life when she’s busier than ever.”

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Then why wouldn’t you start trying right now? Let it be said that I have sympathy for Melissa Gorga or anyone going through infertility. It can be heartbreaking. I’ve known many women, including myself, who have had infertility issues and if there’s one thing that is a given with those women, it’s that NOBODY is waiting to decide. It’s a desperate journey fraught with impatience. If you’re dying for kids, use those eggs right now! Unless of course, you think it will work better with an audience watching.

According to an article on, Melissa told Wendy Williams on her eponymous show, “You’ll see [on the show] how that ends up and what I decide to do because we go through the whole process on the show.” The whole announcement is so distasteful. First off all, I realize that she’s on a reality show and that these people are used to sharing the most private topics with the world. But isn’t this an intensely sacred and private matter that should be shared only with her husband, family and possibly some close friends?

Secondly, Melissa has three children already—Antonia, 14, Gino, 11, and Joey, 9. What is she waiting for? When you’re 40 years old with three kids and your baby is 9 and you’re struggling with infertility and contemplating another child, why wouldn’t you just make a decision already? And make it with your husband, instead of millions of viewers. Unless, of course, you’re waiting to go through the process with your TV viewers. Which, by any definition of the word, is pretty tasteless. Can a reality show be so desperate for content that it would actually create a child to boost ratings? For the sake of humanity, I hope not.

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