We got some tough advice this morning from financial expert Chris Markowski. He discussed the reality facing thousands of businesses in the NJ/NY area as the lockdowns continue.

We are now in Day 204 of 15 days to stop the spread. Enough already. The president's positive test and subsequent mild symptoms are a huge indicator that those of us down playing the severity of COVID, for most people, were in fact RIGHT all along. If you are old and seriously unhealthy, it's potentially a different story. But for most people, the virus will cause little or no symptoms and you'll be back in action. The question is given these facts, including the fact that masks are irrelevant to stopping the spread, AND the fact that hundreds of millions if not a couple billion people will get coronavirus, why are we still dealing with a shutdown?

As Chris explained on the show Monday, living life is a risk. Kids especially have more risk traveling with you in your car than they have from the virus. Science does matter. So does freedom. If you're scared stay home. For the rest of us, the discussion of "saving" restaurants, hotels, theatres and other businesses with more government money is absurd. The ONLY way to save these businesses from disaster is to open the economy 100%.

Look at the rest of the nation — Florida, Tennessee, South Dakota. 100% open. Life getting back to normal. Look at Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands. No masks, open for business and school, AND a totally flattened curve. The pandemic is over. Instead of throwing money at a problem that government created, how about we let our economy do what it does best? Look around you, why are we being punished for living in NJ and NY? It's time. From an economic and medical perspective. Reopen, before it's too late.

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