You know that for years I've talked about how only a GOP or Democratic candidate can actually win a statewide election in New Jersey. That said, people are increasingly sick of the lack of new ideas and pitiful leadership from both parties.

In New Jersey, there are more Democrats than Republicans, about 2 to 1. But there are many more unaffiliated voters than Democrats. So maybe it is time for an independent voice to be heard in a general election.

Either way, I was interested in a candidate who was brought to my attention last week. David Winkler is a former U.S. Marine and Army veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He's also a leading voice on "Black Conservative Talk and Hardline Politics."

He joined me on the show to ask for your support in his uphill battle to have an impact on the 2021 gubernatorial race.

From his Biography:

(I) Candidate David Winkler, is a highly accomplished Combat Veteran with over 15 years of experience working within the Department of Defense who deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, & The Republic of South Korea. David was formerly the CEO of Wings for Warriors, a 501©3, Non-Profit Organization whos helped over 5,000 Veterans Nationwide in all aspects of Veterans issues. Davis spent 4 years in the US Marine Corps Infantry, and 10 years in the US Army, where he served in various Leadership Positions for Infantry, Air Defense Artillery, Recruiting, and the NYC Joint Color Guard team. David now serves with the NY State National Guard where he serves as a Military Police Officer. David was also a Former Republican Congressional Candidate in NJ 8th Congressional District, GOP Political Strategist, Member of NJ Blexit, & Political Commentator for Black Conservative Talk & Hardline Politics. -

Question for you is would you support an independent candidate?

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