If you are like me, we use our iPhones for everything.  From contacts to photos, everyday life, this product has changed our lives.  If you’re a responsible user, you most likely have Face ID enabled and/or a passcode to protect your phone.  If you do, A+ on security.

With everything secure, most of your content, if you are an iPhone user, is stored in iCloud.  Including emails, notes, photos, contacts, and even your backups.

But what happens if you are no longer here tomorrow.  I know, kind of jarring, but hey, it is a fact of life.  If you have a passcode set, and you’re the only one that knows it, how can people get into your phone to retrieve vital information?

There is a way and it is called Legacy Contact.

What is Legacy Contact?

This is a feature Apple introduced where, prior to your death, you can grant someone access to your account and data.  Now, if you are worried about someone accessing your data as soon as you grant them permission, no fear, it doesn’t work that way.  According to Apple, the designated person will need to submit a death certificate.

This is a great way to make sure your data gets into the right hands and only when it is time to do so.

What can be accessed in your iCloud account?

According to Apple, data that can be retrieved are your photos, messages, notes, files, and even backups.  Items that you cannot access, are movies, music, books, and other subscriptions.

Here are the first steps to adding someone to the list.

Setting up Legacy Contact on iPhone

This is a feature, where you can designate a family member or a friend, to have access to your data in the event of your passing.

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