When you think of rolling hills, lush countryside, beautiful expensive vistas, and stunning mountain greenery, you rarely think of New Jersey. Thoughts of Virginia may come to mind. Maybe even Oklahoma. But I’ve discovered one of New Jersey‘s best kept secrets nestled along the Kittatinny Mountain Range. And if you go there, you will believe that you are definitely not in New Jersey anymore.

The mountains are the gem of Jersey and lying along one of its valleys is the Crystal Springs resort and golf club. I spent a recent weekend there and just wanted to show you how picturesque New Jersey can be. I’ve seen this place in the spring and winter, and the snow activities are plentiful, but for some reason, I’ve never been here in the summer. This time of year, we all think of the ocean and some of our beautiful pristine stretches of beachfront. But how about a different twist?

I mean, no one loves the beach as much as I do, but let’s face it… We have all of September after the tourists go home to enjoy our beautiful beaches without the hassles of parking and beach tags. For this year’s summer vacation, I recommend that you go the opposite way of all of the traffic and you will find peace and serenity that’s difficult to find this time of year New Jersey.

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