With all the negative news coming out of Lakewood, lately I thought it was a good time to recognize some of the local heroes who keep the community safe every day.

Our #BlueFriday honorees today are two police officers who were just doing their jobs when one of them was struck by a vehicle. Officer Tyler Distefano and Detective Sgt. Jason Pederson were approaching a car in what some people mistakenly refer to a "routine" police investigation. It was anything but routine.

As the officers approached the car sped into them, striking Pederson and sending him rolling over the hood onto the ground. This is another example of how the heroes in law enforcement have no "routine" duties. And when the rest of us are afforded the opportunity to walk away and avoid confrontation, the men and women in blue have to embrace it and engage. In our behalf.

Keep all members of Law Enforcement in your thoughts and prayers. They act so you and I can enjoy peace and security.

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