When Bruce Springsteen announced he was touring next year I wrote a post to those who disagreed with him politically yet loved his music entitled "Don't let politics ruin Bruce Springsteen for you" In it, I asked if you judge all your friends, family, friends and favorites by their politics and can you separate your personal feelings for them from their politics.

When it comes to ticket pricing, and it's out there that seats in Tampa are going over $4000 face value, I ask. "Why would anyone pay that much money to see Bruce Springsteen or anyone? Especially when the shows will be all over YouTube and possibly/probably a box set release in the future. But that's me.

William Thomas Cain
William Thomas Cain

Jeri Fitzgeorge LaMothe
"Not for these prices. It's just sad. I'm a fan regardless of his political views. (which differ from mine")

Jen Ursillo expands on the  Springsteen ticket pricing here.

But putting things into perspective, Bruce can only charge that much if people are willing to pay that much.

Biden Inauguration Celebrating America Event

John J Ruppert
"Steve it's just like our Sports Teams if the public keeps paying then they'll keep raising the prices. I stopped going to shows and sports events years ago. I have more important things to do with my money like rent, gas and food for the family"

Walsh Jackie
"John J Ruppert True. But people know the team will play x amount of games per season (excluding covid years). With BS, you don't know if he will tour again".

Evan Engram

When the New York Giants moved to MetLife stadium I got a letter that my season tickets were jumping to $400 each and in order to buy them, I had to first purchase a $7500 personal seat license. Instead, I purchased a 50-inch television and enjoy them that way. Smart move on my part considering the Giants' record.

When I do go to the games, I buy the tickets much cheaper from those secondary markets that Springsteen is trying to protect us from. Better he should overcharge for the ticket. Then again no one forces you to buy that ticket that's your choice.

I'm sure if you hold out, the prices will go down. Just like I'm sure Elton John tickets weren't expected to go for as low as $17 for this weekend's final MetLife shows.


Jeffrey Paul
"He’s a regular blue-collar guy, he’s for the working man…charges $800 dollars a ticket"

Bruce Springsteen may sing about "the work, the work, the working man, and he's very philanthropic giving to all kinds of charities like Fullfill.. He's also very good to the people/fans that he meets. But at the end of the day, he's in the Bruce Springsteen business and he can ask what he wants for his tickets.

What you're willing to pay, will decide what he gets. If you're willing to pay these prices, you deserve what you get.

How do you feel about what is being charged for Bruce Springsteen tickets?

Brian Brown
"They are pricing the average fan out"

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Performs At The Los Angeles Sports Arena
Getty Images

Brian Gregory
It’s a joke. I wouldn’t go, but I can’t justify spending that kinda money even if you’re meeting all of them.

Mitchell Jay
No one is worth that type of money. Well maybe the Beatles.

Bruce Springsteen performs during the Celebrating America event following the inauguration of Joe Biden
Bruce Springsteen performs during the Celebrating America event following the inauguration of Joe Biden (Biden Inaugural Committee via AP)

Cindy Zwicker
If John Lennon, George Harrison, Prince, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Janis Ian, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como ( yes Perry Como) got together and had a concert direct from heaven then and only then would I spend $4300 a ticket! Lol! Sorry Bruce, I've been a fan from the beginning and spent plenty thru the years for tickets and memorabilia, went to the Broadway show too so I think I’m done spending my hard-earned money. For years I’ve pushed aside his politics and separated the man and his music, but how can he say he’s for the working man when prices are unaffordable for most. For me, it’s not the economics as much as you can’t say one thing and do another. If people weren’t in such a frenzy to buy tickets all over the world, ticket master wouldn’t get away with such hijinks! Whether Bruce addresses the situation or not, I think there will be a backlash. We shall see! For me, I’m not getting swept into the frenzy

Kevin D. Hill
"Would not pay a .10 cents to see him. Paul McCartney was the same way back in June. Ridiculous!! Especially in this economy. I guess he needs to fill his retirement and his family inheritance accounts"

Rick Verso
"He puts on one of the very best concerts but still would not spend that kind of money to see him or anyone else."

Bruce Springsteen

Michael Panichelli
The Venue decides tix prices.
The concert promoter negotiates what The Artist will be paid for the entire tour.
Springsteen has no idea what the venue charges , he only agrees to what he will be paid for the tour.
Not a Springsteen fan I will admit.
But in his defense, It is an indirect Fault of the artist at best.
The concert promoter takes the risk of Paying the artists with hopes of Turning a profit when he negotiates with the venues.

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen performs at the 2018 Tony Awards (Michael Zorn/Invision/AP)

Russell Souders
He was born to run!! to the bank.
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