If there were a private Statue of Liberty for TikTok it would probably be engraved with, “Give me your vapid, your gullible, your poor attention spans yearning to be even dumber.”

Sorry fans, just one guy’s opinion. But the video-based social media platform developed in China in 2016 by Beijing Microlive Vision Technology Co., Ltd is both highly scrutinized with security concerns as well as beloved by not only children but even adults in this country. Inexplicably on the adults part in my mind.


TikTok has been the subject of inquiries and a target for banning in the United States. Before even recognizing the antisocial bullying aspects of social media the moronic ‘challenges’ that are always popping up on the platform alone are cause for concern.

⚫ Eat Tide pods.
⚫ Steal Kias and Hyundais with a usb cable.
⚫ Set yourself on fire challenge.

Oh, here was a fun (not) one. The skull crusher challenger. That was where on video two people flanking an unsuspecting person in the middle convince that person to jump in the air. When the persons feet leave the ground the two knock their feet out from under them so they go tumbling back and crack their head open. What’s not to hate?

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Well I’m a bit ashamed to be from New Jersey today because it turns out New Jersey is addicted to this TikTok bull$#!+.

A study done by MattressNextDay shows that we are in the top 10 states spending the most time addicted to TikTok. We came in ninth, tied with North Carolina.

New Jersey spends an average of almost 10 hours a week on this crap. Now I know what that smell is. It’s all the brains rotting.

anxcios young girl

The most addicted state is California spending over 12 and a half hours per week. 

Possibly even worse for New Jersey is a different study from months ago using Google keyword analysis putting us at fifth most addicted.

Nationwide it’s not just kids spending so much time, it’s grown men and women. On average 25-34 year olds are spending 17.82 hours a week.


Do better New Jersey.

Here’s a look back at some of the dumber and more dangerous internet challenges.

Dumb and Dangerous Internet Challenges

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