Apparently grilled cheese sandwiches are like snowflakes, no two are the same! As you may or may not have known, April 12th was National Grilled Cheese Day, which is a holiday I can definitely get behind. To celebrate, I asked NJ 101.5 listeners how they make their grilled cheeses.

I, for one, prefer to butter both sides of the bread, either white bread or round breads and fresh cheddar cheese, not the kind that comes with those pieces of plastic between them. Press the sandwich on the stove until it's golden brown and voila! Perfection!

My producer, Kylie, recommends pumpernickel/ rye swirl bread, cheddar cheese (plus a sprinkling of mozzarella), and jalapenos, dipped in mustard.

Here are some of your recipes:

  • One of our reporters, Toniann Antonelli recommends a grilled cheese (imagine this) made on a grill! She prefers real Italian bread, olive oil, provolone cheese and if she's feeling ambitious: she'll include broccoli rabe. This sounds like heaven!
  • JR from the Parkway recommends putting horseradish or pepper jelly on your sandwich to give it a kick. Instead of butter on the outside of the bread, JR uses mayonnaise instead.
  • Pete from Ewing gets ambitious when he celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day. His sandwich is filled with Boar's Head mustard, mild provolone, and mixed up salt, all between bread that is buttered on both sides. All this dipped in ketchup.
  • Taking it to the next level, Diego in Berkeley Heights puts shredded cheese on the outside of the grilled cheese until it burns to a crisp. It's like a stuffed crust grilled cheese!

So how do you make your grilled cheese? Comment below!

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