The election is coming up fast.

Many people have already voted by mail and many more will show up at the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

As a part of my goal to use the power of the microphone and my growing organizations to help capable, strong, principled candidates get in front of likely voters, I opened the lines up this week.

There were several candidates who deserve another mention.

Bryan "Bucky" Boccanfuso running for Mercer County sheriff.

We need strong, capable leadership in county law enforcement.

We should not tolerate the growing crime resulting from bad policies like 'bail reform', 'catch and release' and the presumption of guilt placed on our LEO's every time they try to do their jobs.

Bucky will reverse that trend.

He's a cop's cop and a smart, effective leader.

Lisa Richford running for Mercer County executive.

It wasn't too long ago that Mercer had a Republican County executive.

We saw a reduction in debt, public works projects, including the Trenton stadium that was home to a Red Sox and then a Yankees affiliated team.

There was a time when taxes actually went down in Mercer County!

Voters deserve to experience those good times again.

Lisa Richford brings her sharp legal mind, friendly personality and courageous leaders to the job and is prepared to be a great county executive.

If you don't like the way things are going, do something about it!

Adam Elias running for NJ Assembly in the 14th District.

The Legislature is up this year; all 120 members.

In the 14th District, there is a strong team of Republicans running to replace the current Democrats who have been siding with Murphy and his reckless policies, including making NJ a sanctuary state, releasing criminals back into the streets and blowing up our budget to unprecedented levels.

Adam Elias is a local business leader with strong connections to the entire community across Mercer and Middlesex Counties.

He'd be a strong voice for parents, small business and law enforcement and help us redefine the GOP as a true populist conservative party.

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