This battle raged on throughout nearly the entire morning show last Thursday after most callers expressed their disgust and disappointment with the Governor for prioritizing illegal immigrants instead of focusing on making New Jersey affordable for working and middle class families.

Murphy recently signed a law allowing illegal immigrants who graduated from a New Jersey High School to apply for financial aid from the state to offset their college tuition. No budget number was given as to the cost to taxpayers. There is no count of how many kids may be eligible. But the need for proper accounting and revenue hasn't stopped this governor before. After all, he recently gave back the largest public worker union in NJ the cuts made by the former administration guaranteeing retroactive raises even for workers who have already retired. That's right. Your tax dollars hard at work to shore up two key special interest groups of this Governor.

More and more, Phil Murphy seems to be distracted by the potential of a presidential run in 2020. How is it possible that a guy who worked with investments and finances doesn't understand the need for matching spending with revenue? How is it possible that he is relying on the gimmick of legal pot and a millionaires tax to fund his lavish spending? The answer is, he knows, but he just doesn't care. He's made more money than he can spend and lives as an arrogant elitist without any concern about paying for his next meal, his next car, college tuition, property taxes. The rest of us in New Jersey need to keep a budget. Sometimes you have to choose between a night out and new sports equipment for your kids. Sometimes the choices are more serious. Food on the table or necessary medicines in the cabinet. Murphy doesn't get it because he doesn't have to get it. His millions of dollars are generating millions more for him every year. This is not a man who gets up every day worrying about the mortgage payment or the grocery bill. He's not worried about his next job. The guy will never have to work again. His investment returns are more than most families will see in a decade of working. It's the explanation for his dismissive attitude when asked about the $13,000 door for his wife in the statehouse. Many New Jerseyans didn't spend that much on their car. He views the state coffers as an endless supply of money to be spent on his extreme agenda, which is making New Jersey less safe and much more expensive. If the pot runs low, no worries, raise taxes. You pay for it.

On Thursday, I was joined by Congressman Tom MacArthur and Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick. You can hear the frustration from these leaders as Murphy continues to spin the state out of control increasing the burden on the middle and working class as he rewards his friends in the public unions who got him the job. Is he running for President? Is he setting his wife up for a run for state office? Is he just a bored rich guy who is playing a game without realizing or caring about the pain he's causing average families?

I mentioned on the air earlier the fact that on one road in Princeton I counted 6 homes for sale. Eric mentioned that the road through Bedminster was littered with for sale signs in front of multi-million dollar properties. What do you think happens when all those wealthy homeowners leave? They take their tax dollars with them. Meanwhile the Governor spends more. It's the middle and working class folks who lack the resources to leave who will be stuck paying the tab for Murphy's selfish extravagance. It's clear that Murphy doesn't care about you. He doesn't care that people are leaving. He doesn't care that families are struggling to pay student loans, mortgages, grocery bills and taxes while he takes your tax dollars and distributes them to illegals for tuition and legal aid.

I know that you care. You care about providing for yourself and your family. You care about having to make a decision to leave when the kids are grown because you can't afford to retire in New Jersey. You care that your kids will graduate from high school, trade school or college and likely move away for a less expense place to live, work and raise a family. You care about facing the prospect of leaving New Jersey after you grew up here and raised your family here. We don't need to know anything more about this Governor or his political shill in the Attorney General's office taking every opportunity to spend more money suing the Trump administration. For what? How do any of these actions help make our home state more affordable? Safer? Better? The answer is they don't. And Murphy and the cast of selfish, elite characters around him simply don't care. But you and I care. So let's fight. I'm #DigginIn are you? This is a real contest between fight or flight, and flight seems to be winning. Let's turn the focus to the fight. Join me.

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