It was bound to happen. After adding a few steaks to my weekly food shopping at Wegmans, it was a struggle to get through hot yoga knowing that I had a great steak waiting for me for dinner. My wife is away and she's the family grill master so I cooked the steaks in a very hot pan on the stove. My son made blue cheese dressing - sour cream, mayo, lemon, tabasco, garlic and some lemon juice - and I threw in a tray of frozen french fries into the oven.

My wife hates ketchup, so does my morning show Producer Kristen, who no doubt cringed when posting this, but what goes better with fries than ketchup? So steak on the plate, fries on the plate and it happened. I got a bite of steak with some of the ketchup that was placed carefully over the fries. It was really good. Really good.

Here's a simple blue cheese dressing recipe that is very similar to what we make at home. The only difference is we don't add milk or water and skip the parsley. The key is to have a thick dressing that can also be used for the fries if you would rather skip the ketchup.

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