So, after taking pictures of eagles at the Manasquan Reservoir, I turned my attention to Sandy Hook for the annual migration of the seals.

The Littoral Society held a seal and shore bird walk this past weekend so I thought it would be cool to try to expand my wildlife photography skills in advance of my trip to Yellowstone in the spring. Unfortunately, the tour, which had already been postponed once because of inclement weather, was held on a day when the conditions were only marginally better.

Saturday was foggy, misty, and generally hostile toward seal spotting. My wife and I made the morning trip to Sandy Hook almost all the way to the lighthouse and set out with about 40 other people. Our tour guide, Jeff (not that one), was really knowledgeable about the marine life off the coast and he even let us drive with him in his car so I could ask more annoying questions than anybody else.

The seals were incredibly hard to spot and even harder to photograph (you might notice the lack of any seal pictures in this post). Every time one of the distant seals popped its head out of the water it would go back under before I could focus. There was a group of them on a rock but they were too far away for me to shoot, even with a 500 mm lens. So, here is a picture of the lighthouse, it’s all I got. At least I got to walk the beach on Sandy Hook.

Bill Doyle photo

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