Every Monday I try to shine a light on some of the great small businesses throughout the Garden State. Sometimes I do it on Tuesday.

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As we have seen over the course of the past year and a half, the New Jersey government works against small businesses, not for them. We need a governor in New Jersey who understands that with a stroke of a pen, the executive power could be used to promote entrepreneurs and community-based businesses.

Start with striking a billion dollars of wasted money currently going to Rutgers. They already have $3 billion to spend without the taxpayers chipping in and I'm sure there are alumni who have made great money who might be willing to make up the difference. Imagine spending money from the state government to offset small business tax cuts and create incentives for hiring and staying on the job in the state.

I'd also cancel the education subsidies for illegals and take that money and use it to offset real estate taxes for young workers taking a job and staying in-state. There are literally hundreds of ideas that would help foster a pro-business, pro-New Jersey economic atmosphere. The problem is the current governor wants to spread the wealth to the connected special interests and the GOP opponents are largely complicit.

The great news is that local candidates won across the board in NJ. People that are not connected to insiders. Normal small business owners and workers. Parents, first responders, truck drivers among them. The normals are rising. And together we will make this state great for business over the next few years. Hang tough! Here are the top businesses who joined us on Wednesday:

The Royal Sweet Fairy

Infinity Fine Design in Farmingdale

Extreme Excellence Entertainment in Warren


Zoom Carpeting Cleaning in Milford

A&M Industrial


Rest Assured Restored in Princeton


Brooks Collins Chocolates in Tabernacle 


Shore Move Managers

 Not Your Husband's Handyman Services (609) 558-6809


Hammer Electric in Allentown


My Beach Tags


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