For a long time now, parents have complained that high school start times are far too early. Turns out the American Academy of Pediatrics backs them up with science. Teenagers natural body clocks are geared toward later start times and sleep deprived students can suffer a decline in academic performance along with physical and mental health issues.

Now New Jersey is studying this and is holding public hearings beginning this week. Where can you make your opinion heard?

For those who are the most busy, which is almost all of us, perhaps the best thing to do is send an email to:

To show up and voice your opinion in person here are some options:
Register to speak at the following public hearings here:

4-7pm Monday 5-2-16
Camden County College
Blackwood Campus
Civic Hall (CON 105)
200 College Drive
Blackwood, NJ

11am-2pm Wednesday 5-4-16
NJ Principals and Supervisors Association
Room 12 Centre Drive
Monroe, NJ

4-7pm Tuesday 5-10-16
Franklin Williams Middle School auditorium
222 Laidlaw Avenue
Jersey City, NJ

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