The holidays are upon us and that may mean overeating and overindulging. Studies show we can pack up to 2 pounds during the holidays. That may not seem like a lot but the problem is we never take it off and then it just adds up. But having a strategy may not only keep the weight off in the new year, but also over the course of our lives.

Health and wellness expert Felicia Stoler said the first thing you need to remind yourself during the holidays is that it's not the last time you're going to eat. So don't use excuses to overeat.

She said be careful of the calories you consume with alcohol or other beverages this time of year. That alone, can tip the scales. If you are going to drink booze, Stoler suggested drinking water in between those adult beverages.

"When you're going to a party, I recommend filling up one plate with food and just eating off of that plate instead of going around and continuing to pick at food," said Stoler.

Try not to go to a party hungry. In other words, don't starve yourself all day just to eat that one meal, said Stoler. It's OK to eat a bite of everything. If you want chocolate cake, eat a bite of chocolate cake.

Not everyone has the willpower to eat small portions during the holidays. So Stoler suggested that after the holidays have wrapped up, get back into a routine of being healthy. Pick better food choices, exercise, drink plenty of water. A lot of times we may feel hungry but we actually just need to be hydrated.

Stoler said it's important to get enough sleep to allow the body to rest, recharge, repair and renew.

Fasting is also quite the rage.  A fasting mimicking diet allows people to fast without feeling hungry. People on this consume food that's calorie-restricted for five days and they can lose 5 to 8 pounds.

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