If you want a free Slurpee, just remember AT 7/11 ON 7/11. This is the 18th summer that the convenience store chain is offering customers a free small Slurpee on July 11 (7/11).

Stop in to a 7/11 between the hours of 11am to 7pm for your treat. Okay, so that's AT 7/11 ON 7/11 from 11 to 7. Got it!

Here's what you may not know. If you have their 7REWARDS app use it to scan your free Slurpee and you'll get a coupon for ANOTHER free Slurpee of any size the next day. That coupon will be good for 30 days.

Still not enough? Do you want brain freeze man?!?!?

Yet ANOTHER freebie can be had if you use the 7NOW app to get a delivery on July 12.

To this day my favorite flavor is Coke. When I was a kid my dad and I had a tradition where we'd play catch then put our gloves away and walk down to the corner store where they called it a Frozen Coke.

Here's some cool trivia. Did you know Slurpees came about completely by accident?

There was a guy named Omar Knedlik who had a soda fountain break down on him in the 1950's. Out of desperation he put his sodas into a freezer to stay cold and it created the half slush mix which customers drank and loved. He then created the machines to make them just right, put them out under the name ICEE, and later a deal was cut with 7/11 which changed their version to the name Slurpee.

Enjoy your free Slurpees! And in case you indulge too quickly, here's a handy link on how to stop brain freeze in its tracks.

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