Nothing is easy in the Garden State.

Until the Supreme Court ruled and struck down the government overreach in New York State, getting a license to carry a concealed weapon was near impossible in Jersey. But that has all changed.

It's simpler than you might think, but contrary to what the anti-gun groups say, it's not leading to a wild west situation.

First of all, conceal carry states have NOT seen an increase in murder. Actually, conceal carry permit holders are less likely to be involved in a crime than the average person.

As a former Marine and having grown up learning to shoot at 12 years old, I'm comfortable around firearms and understand the seriousness and deadly nature of the weapons.

I have a concealed carry permit that is honored in a couple of states and will be applying in New Jersey.

The idea of carrying a loaded weapon in public is far more accepted and normal outside of New Jersey and New York but it is critical for a peaceful society.

As Gov. Murphy releases prisoners before the completion of their sentences, allows illegal immigrants to flock here for free stuff, and refuses to honor legal detainer orders, even for illegals accused of other crimes, the streets in NJ are not as safe as they used to be.

Add that to the outright attack on police officers restricting what they can do to stop crime.

From not being able to stop a minor for drinking and using drugs in public to the catch-and-release going on with domestic violence abusers and drug dealers, once-safest-in-the-nation neighborhoods are in jeopardy.

This trend has caused thousands of New Jerseyans to flood local police departments with application requests to own a firearm.

Many of us who already own firearms are taking the next step to legally carry a weapon in public.

We had a great conversation with a local police officer on the show, Jim from Roselle Park, and he and I agreed that it is a smart policy to slow down the process to make sure that the people looking to carry a loaded weapon in public are aware of the grave responsibility that comes with that decision.

The decision to potentially take a life in order to stop a threat is a very serious one indeed and not everyone can or should handle that pressure.

Good guys with guns repeatedly stop crimes but the corporate media doesn't like to lead broadcasts with that info.

As recently as this past Sunday, a young man carrying a legal firearm stopped a mass shooting before it got much worse by putting down the gunman. You barely heard a peep from the media celebrating this hero.

Once you've thought it through and made a smart, measured decision to obtain your right to carry, there are a few places that can help you through the process.

Here's the form from the State Police - click HERE.

And two New Jersey companies to help you through the qualifying process: Gun For Hire in Woodland Park and We Shoot USA in Lakewood.

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