Bill Doyle is the one who told me about the comic Louis CK saying when you have a wife and kids and go on vacation, you load the car, get all the kids in the car one by one, your wife gets in the car and you close the door for her, and that walk from her door around the back of the car to your door is the father's vacation. Yes, vacationing with kids is all about the kids and is a lot of work. But we parents still love it because we love seeing them happy.

The vacation we just took was all right here in New Jersey. Mostly staying in a beautiful beach house in Seaside Park with a day trip to the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange. Atticus turned into quite the beach dude, loving the water. Our 17 month old Cooper was still a little unsure of the water but by the end of the week loved playing in the sand. As well as hanging on the boardwalk. And Atti loved the rides at Casino Pier.

Here's just a few pics from our week in Jersey.

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