Yup, that happened.

After Producer Kristen made a suggestion to our morning crew about dressing up as well, me, for Halloween, Bob Williams (New Jersey Traffic North), Jill Myra (New Jersey Traffic South) and Kathy Wagner (our board operator) took her up on it.

What's funny is that I didn't notice I would be so easy to mimic and even though I had no idea what they were up to, sure enough, I walked into the studio today, dressed just like three of my colleagues. Hat, vest, collared shirt and phone NOT on silent. I did appreciate the extra touch with Bob's phone pinging during the first report.

It is true though, I'm pretty predictable in the morning. Jeans, collared shirt untucked and a Red Sox hat. If it's chilly, a green vest. If it's raining, yellow jacket. I like consistency.

On a personal note, really appreciate my colleagues in the morning. What an outstanding group of people to work with every early morning. They're thoughtful, friendly and great at what they do. Special thanks to my friends who did a great job of being me this morning!

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