In a controversy reminiscent of the Dairy Air ice cream shop flap, a new hot dog shop in Madison has some locals steamed.

In a report by CBS 2, a new restaurant called Weenies has caused a stir, not with their food, but with their apparel. They have a shop in Denville with the same menu and the same t-shirts without a fuss, but it’s not flying with some Madison residents. The controversial t-shirts are black with Weenies emblazoned in yellow with the following message in red: Grab Yours Here…..with a red arrow pointing straight down.

The shop’s website is directly below the arrow, but that’s not appeasing some residents. CBS 2 reports that some in Madison have complained about the obvious sexual innuendo, but the owner of the store, Michael Dey, says they are just interpreting it that way, and that those who are complaining should “lighten up.” He also says they sold 50 of the $20 shirts on their opening day in Madison.

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