Every penny saved is a big one in an expensive state like New Jersey.

So you'd be pleased to learn the average cost of feeding a table of 10 this Thanksgiving — with plenty for leftovers — will cost you close to $10 less than it would have last year.

Using the 2017 survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which annually examines the national average cost of a classic Thanksgiving meal, we traveled to an Ocean County grocery store to see how New Jersey's prices compare.

The grand total for a meal, dessert and drinks — $51.33. Last year, the price tag was $60.85.

For our analysis, we used the lowest prices seen among all brands available. Keep in mind this total does not include the price of potential extras such as plasticware or a festive tablecloth.

The largest savings come from the big ticket item — a 16-pound turkey, which registers at $23.84 this week. That equates to $1.49 per pound — 50 cents cheaper per pound than the same time last year.

Our supermarket scan also spotted significant price decreases on sweet potatoes, fresh cranberries and pie shells. The price for cubed stuffing and pumpkin pie mix spiked a bit.

This was the second straight year for a drop in the overall price, both for New Jersey and nationwide.

The 2017 average total across all states is $49.12 — a 75-cent decrease from 2016. The drop in the per-pound price for turkey was minimal compared to New Jersey's 50-cent swing.

Thanksgiving 2017 cost

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