Many of us sat and watched in horror as healthcare workers as well as public workers were forced to take a vaccine they didn't want to take.

Many made the calculation that they were healthy enough and not at risk enough to take a vaccine that to many seemed rushed and/or experimental. Some of them tried to use religious exemptions and were denied. It was Unamerican and unprecedentedly frightening.

Olena Hololobova
Olena Hololobova

That didn't matter to the people in charge. It was a "jab or job" ultimatum that cost many people their jobs or even worse, their mental health and self-esteem.

Well, some lawyers in the state of Illinois got behind the healthcare workers at the North Shore Medical Center in Chicago and got them a $10 million settlement. Could this be a promising development for healthcare workers around the country including New Jersey?

One can certainly hope so. This was something that no one in their right mind could have imagined a couple of years ago but it happened.

Chances are you didn't hear about this settlement if you follow mainstream media and social media outlets. You could only find this story,  other than local media in Chicago, on conservative media outlets. It's not a conservative opinion or story. It's a real story with real implications for the civil liberties of every American. But that's not how the media works today.

Source Adobe Stock
Source Adobe Stock

If a legitimate story goes against the narrative of the left in politics or the media, it gets ignored or buried.

We have become so fractured in this country that you have to shop around for actual information. Many of us have lost faith in the media, public health and so many of the institutions we have relied on for a functioning cohesive society.

It was already happening slowly over the last couple of decades, this is another example of how the pandemic accelerated that.

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