Over the years we have done many segments on household hints. Sometimes you hear the same old same old — the hackneyed old wives tales that you've been hearing since you were little.

Once again, we put our listeners to the test to see if they could come up with some new and improved ideas, especially ones that we had never heard before. And, once again, our listeners stepped up to the plate. This time, it's with some of the best, most interesting ideas for home remedies. I can't vouch for any of these personally, in fact some of them I would be very wary to try. But I'm just putting them out there.

There's no way that I could possibly dramatize all of these on video.. but I couldn't resist sharing  some of my favorites. So grab a pen and take some of these ideas down. Before long, who knows? You could be curing your own foot fungus, allergies...even cancer! Do me a favor though, consult your doctor first, since some of these sound pretty wacky.

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