I did a double-take when I read up on this but it's 100% true.

In Camden County, there's a town called Pine Valley. If you've never heard of it, you're probably not alone. It's the second-smallest municipality in New Jersey.

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Pine Valley is known worldwide for its amazing golf course. But the town is also known for well, their rules. The Pine Valley golf course is only open to male members.

It is 2021, right? Just checking. Oh, they're kind enough to let women play on Sunday afternoons. So generous.

Here's where it gets mind-blowing. Only golf members are allowed to live in Pine Valley. And since they only allow male members to play, you guessed it, only men are allowed to own homes.

Just in case you missed that: Only males can own homes in Pine Valley, NJ.

There are only 23 houses in the entire town and none of them have numbers. The town is basically one big golf course with a club off of its one public road. Mail for Pine Valley residents is picked up in nearby Clementon and delivered by a club member.

Charley Raudenbush is the general manager of the golf course and lives in Pine Valley with his wife and three sons. He told NJ Advance Media:

It’s the coolest place in the world. I’m biased as hell but I think it is. It’s just there is nothing like the golf course.

There something even better than the golf course. Equality. I'm embarrassed this town exists, and I'm even more embarrassed that I share a state with entitled people who think things were better "back in the good old days." Way, way back.

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