This is probably one of the biggest fears of people who rent: a workman rummaged through a couple’s underwear while they weren’t home.

In a video posted by ABC7, the maintenance man can be seen opening a dresser drawer, picking through the undergarments and closely examining what appears to be a pair of ladies panties. Alex Sacchetti, who shares the apartment with his fiancé, not only has surveillance cameras installed but gets alerts on his phone when activity is registered. That’s how he knew to review the footage and discovered the worker walking into the master bedroom and heading straight to to the drawer.

You’ll notice in the video he doesn’t hesitate about which drawer to open, either. Sacchetti contacted the police and they took a look at the video, but determined there were no laws broken as the couple had signed a work order allowing the maintenance man to be in their apartment while they weren’t there. ABC7 reports that Sacchetti’s fiancé is now staying somewhere else; somewhere where her underwear can remain unmolested, I assume.

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