The Middlesex County man charged with kidnapping his own son, prompting an Amber Alert last week, has now also been charged with killing the boy’s mother, Union County Prosecutor William Daniel announced.

Tyler Rios, 27, of Highland Park, faces one count of first-degree murder in connection with the death of 24-year-old Yasemin Uyar of Rahway.

He previously was charged with first-degree kidnapping for the abduction of 2-year-old Sebastian Rios, who appeared physically unharmed when father and son were found in a Tennessee motel together early Saturday.

Later that same day, Uyar's body was found in a wooded area off Interstate 40, authorities said.

An autopsy confirmed her manner of death to be homicide.

(Sebastian Rios via State Police. Tyler Rios booking photo from Putnam County, Tenn. Sheriff's Office)
(Sebastian Rios via State Police. Tyler Rios booking photo from Putnam County, Tenn. Sheriff's Office)

The tragedy unfolded last Friday, when the Union County Prosecutor’s Office – assisted by the FBI Newark Field Office, New Jersey State Police and Rahway Police – identified Rios as a suspect when his toddler son did not show up for daycare and Uyar missed work.

Uyar's mother previously told New Jersey 101.5 that she made the 15-hour round-trip to Tennessee on Sunday to bring Sebastian home.

Tyler Rios remained in custody in Tennessee as of Thursday, pending extradition back to New Jersey. He would then be slated for a first appearance and detention hearing in Union County Superior Court.

Yasmine Uyar
Yasmine Uyar

A memorial service is planned for Uyar next Friday, July 23 at the Reformed Church of Highland Park.

GoFundMe has also verified two separate accounts to help the Uyar family.

Tips or information on the case can be submitted to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office at 908-403-8271 or Rahway Police at 732-904-3704.

With previous reporting by Sergio Bichao and Dan Alexander

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