Don't go to Italy in the summer. Wait til September or go in the spring. The weather is much better and the crowds are far less.

We all saw the images of a very crowded Europe this summer. All of that pent-up travel energy that was stored up during the pandemic years was unleashed this year and it was crazy.

My daughter and I just got back from a mid-September trip to Puglia. (pronounced Pool-ya)

The region has gotten really popular in the last few years and it's the only region in Southern Italy we haven't been to yet. I heard I have a cousin there, so we made arrangements to meet her and her family as well.

We are very fortunate that the trip went smoothly and besides my family, we met some great people and made some good friends along the way. A few listeners wanted to see some pictures, so I thought I'd share a few.

Dennis Malloy's dream vacation to Italy

That's only a couple of days in Puglia. I'll have more tomorrow if you're interested!

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