We've had a week of tragedy and heroism.

Millions still recovering in Puerto Rico as donations pour in and local first responders head to the area. A massacre in Las Vegas where a gunman killed 58 innocent concert goers and injured more than 500. While politicians debate policy, the stories of individual heroism emerge. From a local man saving people by helping them over the barricade to the man who got his pregnant future wife out of harms way. Then there's the wounded man in a Vegas hospital who insisted on standing to greet the First Lady and the President. Americans stand and act in the face of evil and disasters. This week showed our resilience, strength and unity as a nation.

It's critical to see the true story of the American spirit through the fog of political wrangling that follows every disaster, both natural and man-made. Americans are tough. Americans are strong. Americans are willing to sacrifice their own safety in order to save a friend, relative and sometimes even complete strangers. The real heroes are the people who acted without regard for their own safety this week.

Remember to also say a prayer for the safety of the tireless and courageous members of the New Jersey State Police. Especially those who are headed to Puerto Rico to help the millions impacted by the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

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