As the rest of the country seems to be slowly getting a handle on it's opioid crisis, the problem only gets worse in New Jersey. By April, 2018 had already seen 765 drug deaths. In the fiscal year ending June 30th 2017 2,284 people died of an overdose in the Garden State. That's an almost 35% increase over the previous year. We're among the worst in the nation for this opioid/heroin scourge.

Sometimes heroin addicts are good at hiding their addiction. As a parent you may be doing your best to keep your kids safe; looking for a change of behavior, change of friends, etc. Here's one more small piece of the puzzle that may help.

The DEA just released an updated list of slang terms and code words for various drugs. Shockingly, heroin now goes by 290 different words. Some of them so innocuous that it can be said right in front of parents and mom and dad could still have no idea they were actually talking about heroin. Words like pants, anti-freeze, and Obama. So it's the context you may need to pay attention to. If your kid is suddenly mentioning Obama when he never gave a crap about politics before, ask. If your kid asks his buddy if he has his pants and you know damn well it would be very unlikely they loaned each other clothing, ask.

The report put out by the DEA covers many other drugs and the slang they go by and you can see that full report here. But below is the list of nearly 300 slang terms specifically for heroin.


Abajo; A-Bomb (heroin mixed with marijuana); Achivia; Adormidera; Amarilla; Anestesia de Caballo (heroin mixed with the horse anesthetic xylazine); Antifreeze; Apodo; Arpon; Aunt Hazel; Avocado; Azucar; Bad Seed; Baja Corte (diluted heroin); Ballot; Basketball; Basura; Beast; Beyonce; Big Bag; Big H; Big Harry; Bird; Birdie Powder; Birria; Birria Blanca; Black; Black Bitch; Black Goat; Black Olives; Black Paint; Black Pearl; Black Sheep; Black Shirt; Black Tar; Blanco; Blue; Blow Dope; Blue Hero; Bombita (heroin mixed with cocaine); Bombs Away; Bonita; Boy; Bozo; Brea Negra; Brick Gum; Brown; Brown Crystal; Brown Rhine; Brown Sugar; Bubble Gum; Burrito; Butter; Caballo; Caballo Negro; Caca; Café; Cajeta; Capital H; Cardio (white heroin); Carga; Caro; Cement; Certificada (pure heroin); Chapopote; Charlie; Charlie Horse; Chavo; Cheese; Chicle; Chiclosa; China; China Blanca (white heroin); China Cat; China White; Chinese Buffet (white heroin); Chinese Food; Chinese Red; Chip; Chiva; Chiva Blanca; Chiva Loca (heroin mixed with fentanyl); Chiva Negra; Chivones; Chocolate; Chocolate Balls; Chocolate Shake; Choko; Chorizo; Churro Negro; Chutazo; Coco; Coffee; Cohete; Comida; Crown Crap; Curley Hair; Dark; Dark Girl; Dark Kind; Dead on Arrival (DOA); Diesel; Dirt; Dog Food; Doggie; Doojee; Dope; Dorado; Down; Downtown; Dragon; Dreck; Dynamite; Dyno; El Diablo; Engines; Enrique Grande; Esquina; Esquinilla; Fairy Dust; Flea Powder; Food (white heroin); Foolish Powder; Galloping Horse; Gamot; Gato; George Smack; Girl; Globo (balloon of heroin); Goat; Golden Girl; Good and Plenty; Good H; Goofball (heroin mixed with methamphetamine); Goma; Gorda; Gras; Grasin; Gravy; Gum; H; H-Caps; Hairy; Hard Candy; Hard One; Harry; Hats; Hazel; Heaven Dust; Heavy; Helen; Helicopter; Hell Dust; Henry; Hercules; Hero; Him; Hombre; Horse; Hot Dope; Huera; Hummers; Jojee; Joy Flakes; Joy Powder; Junk; Kabayo; Karachi; Karate; King’s Tickets; La Tierra; Lemonade; Lenta; Lifesaver; Manteca; Marias; Marrion; Mayo; Mazpan; Meal; Menthol; Mexican Brown; Mexican Food (black tar heroin); Mexican Horse; Mexican Mud; Mexican Treat; Modelo Negra; Mojo; Mole; Mongega; Morena; Morenita; Mortal Combat; Motors; Mud; Mujer; Murcielago; Muzzle; Nanoo; Negra; Negra Tomasa; Negrita; Nice and Easy; Night; Noise; Obama; Old Steve; Pants; Patty; Peg; P-Funk; Piezas; Plata; Poison; Polvo; Polvo de Alegria; Polvo de Estrellas; Polvo Feliz; Poppy; Powder; Prostituta Negra; Puppy; Pure; Rambo; Raw (uncut heroin); Red Chicken; Red Eagle; Reindeer Dust; Roofing Tar; Ruby; Sack; Salt; Sand; Scag; Scat; Schmeck; Scramble (uncut heroin); Sheep; Shirts; Shoes; Skag; Skunk; Slime; Smack; Smeck; Snickers; Soda; Speedball (heroin mixed with cocaine); Spider Blue; Sticky Kind; Stufa; Sugar; Sweet Jesus; Tan; Tar; Tecata; Thunder; Tires; Tomasa; Tootsie Roll; Tragic Magic; Trees; Turtle; Vidrio; Weights; Whiskey; White; White Boy; White Girl; White Junk; White Lady; White Nurse; White Shirt; White Stuff; Wings; Witch; Witch Hazel; Zapapote

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