A New Jersey Department of Corrections sergeant is being hailed as a hero after saving a motorist trapped in his car after an early morning accident on Thursday.

Sgt. John Alloway was driving along 295 Southbound at 5 a.m. on his way to work at South Woods State Prison when he caught sight of a car flipped onto its side near Exit 43.

Sgt. Alloway activated his emergency lights to control the flow of traffic on the ramp and then pulled over to render assistance.

He then noticed a male driver was stuck in the vehicle, which was on fire.

Quick action

While a passerby called 911, Alloway grabbed a fire extinguisher from his own car, then doused the fire.

He then pried open the driver’s side door and pulled out the trapped individual who was conscious and helped him to the side of the road.

When EMS and the New Jersey State Police arrived, they tended to the driver and got a statement from Sgt. Alloway.

The 14-year NJDOC veteran then bid a fond farewell and headed to South Woods State Prison where he held a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinic.

He's a hero

Department of Corrections Commissioner Victoria Kuhn said “we’re proud of and grateful for Sgt. Alloway’s actions in this situation, without hesitation this valued NJDOC sergeant placed himself in harm’s way to help and to be of service to the public. His dedication and his actions are the embodiment of the spirit of NJDOC.”

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