Gracie West is a teenager now, this after being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at ten years old. Thanks to the great people at Make-A-Wish New Jersey, her wish to meet the Pope came true in 2015 when she was 12.

Miraculously following that meeting, her cancer went into remission. Whether you are a person of faith or not, her recovery was nothing short of a miracle.

Gracie joined me on the air Friday morning to discuss her latest project: helping the homeless in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

In addition to being back in school and getting involved in theater, she's helping an outstanding and important group help those that need a hand and a roof over their head.

Emergency Housing and Advocacy Program has been helping the homeless and displaced in Monmouth and Ocean counties for fifteen years. On Saturday, March 23rd, Gracie will be joining EHAP in Freehold for a special fundraiser. It's their first charity auction to raise money for their mission to help people directly. It's a good cause and I encourage you to help if you are able.

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