I don't know of any comedian who has more love and concern from their fans than Artie Lange. I've told him this every time he's been on my show. Once again, we have to be worried about Artie as he was sentenced to 4 years of probation on drug charges. Lange says he's going to "try his best" and I know just the people who can help him. Enter "City Of Angels."

I found it ironic that here we are raising money Saturday night, like we do every year for COA, which guides people with addiction through treatment and recovery- and earlier that day I hear about Artie once again slipping in his battle and being forced to find treatment.

Can "City Of Angels" help? COA founder Kevin Meara is relentless when it comes to helping.  He says, "This disease is heartless and doesn't discriminate as you can see it taking down a guy at the top of the comedic ladder but his case is so telling. The system is trying to help but the system hasn't caught up with the disease! Yes the ball is in Artie's court, but his court is broken so he doesn't know what to do with the ball. He is NOT too old for this, you cannot tell a sick person they are too old for this disease because age doesn't factor into this... anyone can get sick! Artie was asked to leave a rehab program because they found a pill. Imagine going to the hospital for a heart attack and suffer a second heart attack while you're there. They don't tell you to leave? We all still need to be educated- Artie, the judge, and the prosecutor. Bottom line is I hope Artie gets the right help and he is invited to do CSP at City Of Angels anytime."

I know from knowing the good people there and looking into their eyes and hearts when I either see them at events or when they come into the studio that if anyone can help Artie, they can.

Wherever he goes, I'm really hoping he gets the help he needs. When I hear him on the phone he's such a great Jersey guy, with a big heart, all about loyalty. You want to reach through the phone and hug him like so many fans. We're all pulling for you Artie Lange, here's hoping you have the strength to grab that lifeline and hold on tight!

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