This story ought to make all of us angry. The rest of the country manages to fund its schools without creating the property tax nightmare we have in New Jersey. To put a human face on what can fairly be called a property tax crisis, meet Rose Estwanick.

Rose is 106 years old. She’s suffering dementia and heart problems. She's lived in her home in Cranford since 1943. And they're threatening to kick her out because she can't pay her property tax.

Think about this. She's lived in her home since World War II was still going on. Last year her property tax bill was $9,390 and she needs to come up with $8,400 to avoid having her house sold in a tax sale.

How utterly disgusting is this? This is the face of what politicians avoiding the tough work looks like. You should take a long, hard look Gov. Murphy, and all 120 legislators. Take a look at Rose Estwanick. This is what your lack of courage has wrought. A 106-year-old woman, born the same year the Titanic sank, a teenager when the Lindbergh kidnapping happened, in her 20s when the Hindenburg exploded at Lakehurst, is going to be kicked out of her home because you folks couldn't figure out what to do about property taxes.

She's the very living history of the state you represent, and you let her down.

People are stepping up. A GoFundMe page has been set up and good people all over the Garden State are doing what the politicians couldn't. As I write this a bit over $6,000 has been raised. Please consider donating anything you can spare. This woman deserves better than to be kicked out of her own home over property taxes. She deserves to die peacefully in her sleep, in her own bed, in her own home, the home she's known almost all of her adult life. When you click on the GoFundMe, if you see the amount has gone over $8,400 please know you can still donate. Hopefully she'll make it another year and then there will be even more outrageous property taxes to pay.

As for the aforementioned 121 other people, please, for God's and Rose Estwanick's sake, start making some bold moves and fix this problem once and for all.

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