Imagine you’re a child and there’s some kind of emergency situation going on in your home – – a fire, a burglary, a crime of any kind. You’re anxious, you’re confused, and the adults around you are busy dealing with the situation at hand.

Now imagine that when the police arrive to investigate, they take a few minutes for you, calm you down, and hand you a cuddly teddy bear to play with, hug, and take your mind off things. That’s the idea behind Feel Better Bears an initiative designed to help the police help children in emergency situations. It’s an important project and a great idea. Bears will be distributed by the NJ state PBA and If you’d like to participate, we’d love to have you. So donate a new, unused bear to one of our many drop off locations! Remember— it’s the season of giving!!

For more information and for drop off locations please click here.

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