As if the NY Giants weren’t having enough bad luck as is. Monday night during their game (and loss) against the Dallas Cowboys a black cat got onto the field. Play was stopped for a couple minutes while the scene played out.

It happened near the end of second quarter when the feline took the midfield then worked its way to the end zone. Westwood One’s Kevin Harlan did a hilarious call as if the cat were carrying the ball.

Now if you’re totally dismissive of superstitions I’m with you. But it’s interesting that the Giants were up 9-3 when this happened, and after the black cat incident they went on to give up 10 point that quarter alone then lost the game 37-18. Just sayin’.

By the way if you’re wondering how the heck a cat got into MetLife Stadium so was I. According to a story in the New York Post, broadcaster Madelyn Burke was told by someone in security that stray cats live in the bleachers there. Gross.

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