What is this exactly?

A scary attraction meant for adults only. You will be walking through a nightmare within the Asbury Park Convention Hall.

When is this?



Where is this?

Asbury Park Convention Hall, 1300 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ

Should I buy tickets in advance?

YES, we SOLD OUT our opening weekend, and we strongly suggest you purchase tickets in advance!  Ticket Price: $15. No refunds or exchanges.

Is this handicap accessible?


Are there any additional warnings?

Women who are pregnant and individuals who suffer from heart conditions, high blood pressure, asthma, seizures, light sensitivity, claustrophobia, or any other health condition that could be aggravated by these special effects should consider this warning before purchasing a ticket. Haunted Hall is not responsible for lost or damaged items in the attraction or around the building.

Can I leave mid-way through Haunted Hall?

No. Once you are inside, you cannot wake up from this nightmare until we say so…. BUT if you are truly that frightened, we have emergency exits.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids 10-year-old and under are not allowed in. We strongly encourage kids between the ages of 11 – 13 to be accompanied by an adult.

Can you tell me what to expect?



*Haunted Hall is powered by The New Jersey Lottery and the new Walking Dead Instant Game

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