LAWRENCE — Halo Farm, which has served Mercer County since 1975 and currently operates stores in this township as well as Princeton and Hamilton, is suing the California-based company that owns the Halo Top ice cream brand, claiming the "confusingly similar" name is hurting Halo Farm's reputation.

Halo Top ice cream in the freezer of Stop & Shop in Pennington
Halo Top ice cream in the freezer of Stop & Shop in Pennington (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

The New Jersey dairy is calling for a cease-and-desist of the Halo Top moniker, a recall of all existing products — which have recently begun to be sold in the Trenton area — and payment of unspecified damages, an report said. The Halo Farm Group, which according to the report has brought in more than $11 million total in each of the last five years, claims Halo Top's low-sugar, low-calorie, high-protein formula is tricking Central Jersey customers into thinking they are buying diet offerings from the Lawrence company.

Moreover, according to Halo Farm's lawsuit, Halo Top's use of stevia and other ingredients could result in allergic reactions and stomach irritation, the report said.

Halo Top, produced nationally by Eden Creamery in California, was created in 2011 by a former lawyer with hypoglycemic diet restrictions. Halo Farm's products are only available in New Jersey, which the dairy said improves freshness and keeps sale prices lower.

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