Memorial Day is tomorrow, and as we reported earlier Mary Lee the great white shark is getting closer to spending the holiday on the Jersey Shore.

According to the most recent reports Mary Lee's last identified location was east of the Jersey Shore roughly between Cape May and Wildwood as of 8:42 a.m. on Sunday.

Mary Lee's last position on Sunday morning
Mary Lee's last position on Sunday morning (OCREACH)

Mary Lee may be the most famous shark heading up the east coast, but she is not the only one. Joining the 16-foot, 3,500 pound shark is Cisco, who weighs in at a much more meager 8-feet and 362 pounds.

Both sharks make their home on the east coast and are no strangers to the waters off New Jersey. Whether they will make their presence felt during the holiday weekend remains to be seen. You can track the movements of both sharks through

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