Had a great conversation with Senator Mike Doherty today about the upcoming election.

We've got less than two weeks until New Jerseyans will head to the polls to elect a new Governor and Legislature. Mike has been strong in his conviction and action over his time in Trenton, fighting for taxpayers. He's aggressively opposing the lawlessness and taxpayer giveaways proposed by candidate Phil Murphy and believes that government needs to get out of the way of progress.

He recapped a story about the cost of a local municipality trying to build a new parking lot, the cost was more than $1.5 million. So the town sold the land to the local business group for $1 and they built the lot for less than $400,000. Government is the problem in New Jersey. We need to control and reduce costs of doing business.

Politicians like Phil Murphy are doing their best to giveaway the store and force more people to flee the state. But the battle has just begun. On November 7th, we're just gettin' started.

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