When's the perfect time to take a selfie? Not when you're fighting a burning Jersey Shore eatery as some firefighters in Neptune found out. But while discussing this on New Jersey 101.5 and asking for some of your best selfies, here's what I got, starting with Jeneen Guida who not only got a shot with Tom Hanks but actually had the actor record a snapchat for her daughter!

Here's some more of the best selfies my social media followers sent to me:

John Kensil - "Me and my late dad"

Chris Baselice - "Me and the pope when he was in Philly in 2015. He came off a little stiff imho."

Brian K Brown - "with Trenton Thunder batdog Rookie"

Carol Kervitsky - "My Princess Daisy and me 😍"

Beth Coffey Fite

Steve Skalish - "Nick Foles and the family"

And to wrap things up, the always funny "Reverend" Bob Levy gave us this gem.

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