There's a moment after this week's interview where we come to a pretty insightful conclusion: people who get known for playing a "type" are probably fairly close to that type in real life.

For instance, it's probably safe to assume that Tom Hanks is a nice guy in real life. Or that Ryan Reynolds is a smart-aleck. Or that Angeline Jolie is some kind of malfunctioning, dead-eyed robot.

You get the idea.

So it wouldn't be out of left field to think that Paul Sorvino (from "Goodfellas", "The Rocketeer", and countless other TV and movie roles) is something of an intimidating presence. I can tell you, having worked with Paul on the sitcom "Paulie" (which I created along with my writing partner, Brian Herzlinger), Paul is scary. Not *scary* scary, like he's got a body in the trunk. Just, you know, regular scary. Like you wouldn't want to accidentally sit in his favorite chair.

But what's surprising about Paul is that underneath the presence that has won him hundreds of roles as Mafia dons beats the heart of an artist.

On this week's podcast we learn about Paul's love of opera, sculpture, painting, and, especially cooking.

To that latter point, Paul spoke at length about his new cookbook, "Pinot, Pasta, and Parties", which he wrote with his wife, Dee Dee Sorvino.

It's the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift for that special someone. And Paul didn't threaten us to say that.

But, just in case, please consider heading over to the link above and buying it. It never hurts to play it safe!

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