Wait. I’m confused. How can it be that 13 states are considered more rude than the one called the armpit of America?

We perfected the middle finger here. We have glamorized bar fights on “Jersey Shore” and made Snooki a household name. We brought you Tan Mom for God’s sake! How can this be?

But an article online at moneywise.com says it is. They ranked the top 25 rudest states in the U.S. and New Jersey came out at 14.

The reasons cited? A lot of it had to do with poor drivers. OK, I’ll give them that. Last year we ranked 8th worst drivers in the United States.

But a big part of their rudeness ranking is based on individual comments about states from places like Quora and Reddit. From the article:

“SnackFlag on Reddit explains, “Different culture; people here are more to the point. They don't care because they don't know you. Small talk can come off as rude, intrusive and unwelcome.”

The consensus isn’t any better on Quora, where New Jersey resident William Mitchell has also experienced the state's rude nature.

“N.J. is not well known for its manners. There are a lot of selfish people in this area and we are a very concentrated state. Having so many people at your disposal for friendship makes it easy to spit on the ones you don't care for. It's really shameful in my opinion!” “

Oh, well if SnackFlag said it then it MUST be scientific, right?

But the solace is there are 13 states this drivel says are ruder than New Jersey.

They are:

North Dakota





Rhode Island







New York

And most of those states’ pizza sucks too. So there.

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