Tolling will begin on Route 295's Scudder Falls Bridge after midnight Sunday, a major step in the $534 million project to replace and expand the bridge between New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The new span carrying traffic into Pennsylvania opened Tuesday night.

Tolls will be collected electronically via a gantry over the roadway that will read E-ZPass transponders as cars enter Pennsylvania. Cars will not have to slow down to have their passes scanned.

Tolls for any E-ZPass system is $1.25. Drivers with a transponder issued by the New Jersey E-ZPass Service Center will get a 40% discount after making 16 tolled trips on any Delaware River Joint Bridge Commission bridge in a calendar month.

Drivers without an E-ZPass will be mailed a bill for $2.60 under the Pay by Plate program.

The next milestone for the project will send New Jersey-bound traffic onto a new span starting Wednesday, July 24. The old bridge, which went into service in 1961, will be demolished.

The entire project will be complete by the summer or fall of 2021, according to the DRBJTC.

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