Yes, I support the bear hunt. And yes, the decision to keep the hunt this year was a smart, pro-hunter, pro-conservation and pro-wildlife decision. And although I am not a supporter of Governor Murphy's agenda, this is one thing that you really can't blame on him if you're an opponent of the hunt.

The protesters that are waiting for the hunters and making up horror stories about them are also missing the point about the Governor's role in all of this.

The Governor has expressed his disapproval of the bear hunt. But because of the quirky New Jersey constitution, he really can't do anything about it without a major overhaul that may include changing portions of our state constitution.

Michael Symons wrote a great piece on this earlier this week. Turns out that since 1945, the Fish and Game Council has the final say. Come again? I don't recall voting for the members of the Fish and Game Council, do you? Of course not. It's another example of out-of-control, unaccountable and un-elected bureaucrats making decisions about life in the Garden State.

The Department of Education recently stripped parents of their right to know if their own child was changing genders in school! Then there's the disaster of New Jersey Transit, the over-paid elites at Rutgers...ahhhh, the list goes on.

So before we pile on Governor Murphy for not following through with killing the bear hunt (pun intended) we need to take a long look at so many things that are broken in our state.

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