For my sons Albert and Lennon, Christmas came early this year as in last Saturday when we went to the Landon Collins celebrity softball game which pitted the Super Bowl champion Giants against the current team which won 19-7.  The event raised $35,000 for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. Great job by organizer Joe Ruback, better known as "license plate guy" who hired my sister Michelle to work the event.

The highlight for me was being on the field with my two sons, each armed with a football and a Sharpie, and watching them run from player to player getting autographs. They were never so happy as they ran from the Super Bowl team in the blue shorts to the current players wearing red. My fear was that they wouldn't know who was who, but they knew better than me- and I've been a fan for over forty years! The players were so patient with everyone and willing to sign anything and everything.

They had it down to a system where they would get the player to sign, then pose for a selfie. Dad backed them up with an extra camera shot which came in handy when Lennon somehow deleted his shot with Saquon Barkley. Luckily, Dad got a shot of him with the Giants running back and if you look in his hand, you can see the selfie that he took.

Among the players they got along with Barkley were Evan Engram, Landon Collins (who signed Albert's shirt), Darian Thompson, Janoris Jenkins, Davis Webb, Olivier Vernon, Mark Herzlich, and Wayne Gallman. Among the Super Bowl players were Justin Tuck, Shawn O'Hara, Victor Cruz, David Bass, David Deihl, Corey Webster, and many more.

If I couldn't wait for football before, I'm now counting the days. 88 as I write this!

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