You all know the refrain by now: Bend over, here it comes.

Of course, we're talking about how the taxman takes a special pleasure in ... ahem ... collecting from the good people of New Jersey. And why don't people do something about it?

Well, says Jim Gearhart: You can. Make the politicians afraid. And nothing makes them more afraid than the threat of losing their jobs.

So maybe, just maybe, Jim says, if we give the average politician "fear of his job, his career" we can do something about property taxes being spent on things like a truant officer for preschool, or $5 textbooks that wind up costing us $65.

Jim says he doesn't even mind paying his local property taxes — he gets great services from his town. It's the 70 percent or so that goes to schools he has a problem with. And when the state constitution says the state will provide a thorough and efficient education for all children — but the cost falls to property owners, and not the state budget — Jim says something is very, very wrong.

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