🍕 How would you like to get paid to eat pizza?

🍕 Two people, one from NY and one from NJ will test pizza from three locations

🍕 Follow a few simple rules to enjoy hot pizza and cold cash

Eat pizza and get paid for it? Sounds like a dream job, right? But this one is very real.

Online casino app, PlayStar is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a New Jerseyan and a New Yorker to each get paid $500 just to eat pizza.

All this task requires is for a New Jersey resident to sneak behind enemy lines and test some of the best pizza in New York. Don’t worry. PlayStar is also sending someone from the Big Apple into our territory to sample some of the best dough in the Garden State.


Here’s how it works

All you have to do is try three famous pizza spots and provide a review of each pizza you try. The restaurants that have been selected for this pizza-tasting have been hand-picked from PlayStar’s previous study into the best pizzerias in New Jersey and New York.

Bleecker Street Pizza (Google Street View)
Bleecker Street Pizza (Google Street View)

New Jerseyans will be indulging in pizza in New York from:

Sottocasa Pizzeria - famous for its authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Bleecker Street Pizza – grab the best-selling Nona Marie Pie

Numero 28 Pizzeria – famous for its unique pizza and topping combinations

Mercato Tomato Pie (Google Street View)
Mercato Tomato Pie (Google Street View)

New Yorkers will be sent to sample pies in New Jersey at:

Mercato Tomato Pie – known for its authentic coal-fired tomato pies

Blaze Pizza – famous for lightning speed and artisanal ingredients

Nino’s – known for its great location, tasty pizza, and excellent entrees


What is the role of the pizza tester?

⚫$500 cash prize upon completion of your task

⚫A maximum of $100 in expenses

⚫The winners must provide pictures and reviews of each pizza tested

⚫The chance to have your photos and reviews published on the PlayStar website

The full details of the competition and the application form can be found here.

Applications are being accepted until Feb. 23.

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