Imagine opening your hotel room door and finding Tony Soprano and Furio Guinta carrying in your drunken friend. That's one of the stories Federico Castelluccio who played Furio told when he called me on New Jersey 101.5 on the 20th anniversary of the airing of the first episode:

"One time that we were doing an appearance up in a casino in Connecticut right, and there  was a guy that was always hanging around with Tony Sirico, he's like his driver you know, he was he's sort of at a mascot ... There's a table set up with a lot of food and a big plate of spaghetti in the middle and this guy early on was completely like, faced if you know what I mean, completely gone. He was drunk to no end. And he was just sitting there and we walked in, I walked in to the back and I saw Lorraine Bracco kind of smoking a cigarette, her hands folded looking at something. And we all kind of turned our attention to this one guy, just reaching to the middle of this table with a fork and taking the spaghetti and the spaghetti is dragging all over the table, down his shirt and he's eating it and I looked over at Jim and said Jim, you know James Gandolfini and said, 'Jim man we gotta get this guy out of here. This guy's gonna do something, like he's gonna like fall on his face.'

"Right, so we grabbed him you know said, 'come on let's go we're gonna take you back to room.' So it was a hotel that we we're at right in the casino. You know so we grabbed him from each arm and we take him to his floor, we're looking for his door we're just like we tried a couple of keys right, so we go, 'you sure this is your room?' And he goes 'yeah that's my room,' so you know we tried another door and somebody hears us trying to get into the door and the guy opens the door and he sees me and it was it was the right room the number  but it was the wrong floor, and the guy just goes 'what the?'"

Castellucio also talked about his relationship with the late James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano, and what the Sopranos meant to him:

"It was a wonderful experience to be on that show to be very honest with you. You know to work with some some great actors and icons you know you. James Gandolfini is a consummate, consummate professional. I mean really, I mean I saw his work I would say maybe 10 years prior to ever working with him and I would catch him at like black box theater in New York City, and you know little parts here and there he would be doing some supporting characters in different movies. And you would notice him, you would definitely notice him. Then I saw him on Broadway it was, he was doing he actually, Aida Turturro was in it as well, and yeah that's 'A Streetcar Named Desire.'"

Nowadays, Castelluccio can also be seen in, "The Brooklyn Banker," and "A Toy Gun."

Castelluccio shares the same last name as Franke Valli. Are they related?

"No I'm not. Actually, I was at the Palms restaurant years ago, and there was a guy that I saw as I was going to her bathroom and he goes, 'Hey I'm the guy who changed Frankie Valli's name," I said yeah from Castelluccio right? He goes, 'yeah,' so he comes back and he hands me the phone and he puts him on the phone and he goes, 'hey kid you're doing a great job on the show,' he goes, 'how do you spell your name?' And I spell the name, he goes, 'that's how I spell my name, where are your people from?' I said from Naples as I was born in Naples, he goes 'that's where we're from maybe we are related,' so maybe we are related."

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